TAC Perfumery is a boutique manufacturer of fine fragrance and white label cosmetics. Incepted during 2018, TAC Perfumes began it’s journey with an aspiringly simple ethos:

“ To ensure every single perfume curated by TAC is the ultimate expression of the wearer. Every spray will encapsulate our promise to ensure only the finest and rarest materials collected from across the world are bottled using artisanal craftsmanship and groundbreaking technological innovation, so every product bearing the TAC brand is a mark of absolute unwavering quality and distinction.“
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Our highly driven board of directors amalgamating more than 50 years of excellence in international industry have envisioned a trailblazing path for TAC. Headquartered in the UAE, the TAC OLFACTORY is the heart of all creative vision within the company, our products are conceptualised by our creative team and rigorously tested in our Labs by our technicians. TAC perfumery are a proud family of experienced personal in all areas, from our governing board to our assembly workers, our strong ethical practices place sustainability and cooperate responsibility foremost.



Humair Siddiqi -

“TAC Perfumes is not just another fragrance that is bottled. But it has an evolution of its own, as the crafty hands and creative minds behind it ensure that TAC products are unique in essence, second to none, and leave behind a sense of diligence and pureness.”


Justine Haque -

“TAC Perfumes surprisingly took the UAE market by storm. A seemly new perfume house has been able to release hundreds of carefully executed fragrances to captivate and enthral. Surely this brand will grow from strength to strength in quick succession.

We design and manufacture the world’s finest fragrances


Our perfumes are carefully curated at our UAE factory, using industry leading manufacturing techniques to produce the highest quality products, meeting all international trading standards, compliance and regulations.  


TAC Perfume’s scale and quality of production will exceed all expectations


Our manufacturing plant produces many products under licence for world leading fashion brands in International markets, our expertise in this field will ensure your product and brand ideas are executed with precision and finesse.



A personal touch, a signature scent, literally.


Our cutting edge factory can produce high quality bespoke fragrances in low volume. This high level of personalisation can contribute infinitely towards your branding goals or event. Our uniquely limited production runs can accommodate large scale events or weddings, complete with individually tailored scent, gift boxing or packaging.



Our network of distribution ensures global reach.


Our products and services are dispersed in a complex distribution chain. This complex network of agents, warehouses, couriers and retail partners ensure all our customers are serviced with the same attention to detail at the heart of our organisation.